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Get more value from your documentation.

DocForge helps developers keep documentation updated, organized, and ready for readers. Monitor code changes, reuse information, and publish static sites with ease.

Currently in closed beta.

Monitor Code

Track relationships between documentation and code files using simple comments. When code changes, DocForge flags related documents for review.

Preserve Your Workflow

DocForge integrates with tools your team already uses. Manage code and documentation directly from your Git repos.

Organize Smart

Use collections to reuse the same knowledge for different readers and needs.

Organize everything in one place

Import and sync all your markdown files from an unlimited number of repositories. Organize documents in collections and easily reuse content.

Publish in seconds

Any collection of documents can be published as a beautiful static site in one click. Hosted on the reliable and powerful GitHub Pages.

Code dependencies for your docs

Detect stale documentation before you release.

Declare dependencies in your markdown to associate docs with code. Get alerts during your pull requests if documentation needs to be checked.

Code intelligent diffs. Choose how large of a change is needed to flag a document.

You spend a lot on documentation. Maximize your return with DocForge.

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